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We have been awarded the Eurovent certificate

The constantly increasing quality of VBW Engineering’s products and over 20 years of experience in the air-conditioning and ventilation market have enabled us to achieve the highest quality – culminating in the prestigious Eurovent certificate, which opens up entirely new possibilities for us. The Eurovent certificate has been granted to BS and BD series units (standard, swimming pool and hygienic versions). It is a line of products with the highest standard of workmanship while maintaining exceptionally high energy efficiency. The Eurovent document assures everyone involved in the project; investors and designers, that the equipment we offer meets all of the conditions stated in the technical documentation. The independent Eurovent commission is the guarantor of reliability. In addition, this document confirms the highest level of expertise and technical knowledge of our employees involved in the production, construction and design processes.

‘The receipt of this prestigious certificate moves VBW Engineering to the highest level of quality, providing our customers with credibility and access to equipment conforming to the highest standard of workmanship’, notes the management of VBW Engineering.

EUROVENT Certificate – What is it?

Eurovent Certita Certification is recognised as a world leader in the certification of ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration products. The EUROVENT Certificate it issues defines and confirms the performance parameters of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, according to European and international standards. All products are subjected to regular tests to ensure compliance with the manufacturer’s catalogue data.

In order for equipment to be accepted into the certification programme, a documented, in-depth analysis of VBW Engineering products is carried out, with all measurements carried out by the independent Eurovent institution.

The following parameters are tested:

  • Air flow
  • Power consumption
  • Noise level
  • Heat recovery efficiency
  • Air tightness class

New benefits for investors and designers:

  • Thanks to the specification of certified products, the engineer/designer’s task is much easier – there is no longer any need for detailed comparisons and tests to confirm the technical performance of the equipment. Consultants, planners, contractors, investors and users can choose devices with the certainty that all technical data is verified and up-to-date.
  • Independently performed measurements and verified information give us security during design. The design can be precisely carried out on site – there is no need to take safety reserves into account;
  • With certified information, it becomes possible to compare devices more accurately. This leads to fair competition under real conditions; 
  • The ‘certify all’ principle makes it impossible for manufacturers to profit from a single best-seller: entire series are certified, so it is not permitted to put a single device through the certification process;
  • The effect of using certified equipment is to reduce costs;
  • Having validated and reliable technical data increases investment security and guarantees planning and operational safety with regard to the output and energy efficiency of the entire installation.