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Our technologies – Automation

Every modern device needs a language to communicate with it. When designing air handling units, it is always worth putting emphasis on intuitive operation and automation, which will allow us to communicate with the device in the way we wish – so that the product serves us effectively and adjusts its parameters to the requirements of the installation.

Modern freely programmable environments are a solution that primarily serves the customer; allowing:

- easy operation
- control over every aspect of the air-handling units’ operation (temperature, humidity and pressure sensors, pressure switches, thermostats, valves, actuators for throttles and valves, etc.)
- reduction of energy consumption costs
- quick reaction in case of any problems
- adaptation to the requirements of the premises

The positive aspect of the full automation is the Plug & Play system with complete internal wiring, which allows quick and efficient start-up of the device right after installation on site.

Advantages of using the PLUG & PLAY system:
- Reduced installation and commissioning time (cost reduction).
- Start-up of the air handling unit without interference due to harsh weather conditions.
- Electrical connections made and checked by qualified technicians.
- Use of certified wires, electrical terminals, approved junction boxes and cable connections.

All of these solutions mean that customers save time and money. Receiving a ‘tailor-made’ product over which they have full control, ensuring their safety and peaceful sleep.

All that remains is to breathe clean and fresh air.

And that is what we wish for ourselves and for you.