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Smart home

‘Smart Home’ technology

Our intuitive automation systems support modern ‘Smart Building’ home solutions. Such solutions ensure that our customers receive a product over which they have full and easy control from anywhere in the world, ensuring their safety and peaceful sleep. Our professionals provide full support. Beginning with the installation and wiring between automation elements and the power and control switching station. They carry out commissioning of automation systems and arrangements and activities related to cooperation with devices and elements of other installations.

Automation systems

Comprehensive solutions

Air conditioning devices

  • ventilation and air-conditioning units
  • control of ice water units,
    condensing units, CT nodes,
  • air volume VAV, CAV

Air conditioning devices

  • rooftop units, olimp units, dehumidifiers
  • roof units, sectional units, suspended units,
    compact devices
  • garage, EX, hygienic, swimming pool devices

Automation and control systems

  • thermal air processing
    (temperature, humidity, air quality, pressure balance)
  • cooperation with security or access
    control systems
  • renewable energy sources
  • lighting, fire detectors
  • UPS emergency power supply
  • visualisation of equipment operation
  • pre-fault diagnostics
  • compatibility with superordinate systems
    BMS (communication protocols)
  • graphics and control algorithms
    tailored to customer requirements

Air conditioning solutions

  • installation of peripheral devices
  • zone and room panels
  • touch panels
  • web servers

Diagnostics & remote service

  • assembly and disassembly of air conditioning and ventilation devices
  • execution of wiring devices commissioning
  • regulation of equipment operation
  • fault diagnostics
  • replacement of components
  • modernization
  • software update
  • remote service center (24h / 7 care)


Full control
over the device
optimisation of operation
and operating costs
24h/7 availability
of the device
EMAIL and text message
about inspections
integration of devices
cooperating with control panels
individual graphics
based on building designs
intelligent energy
management systems
implementation of
wireless connections


The idea of the PLUG & PLAY automation system is to prepare the control system of the air handling unit so that it is ready for immediate operation.

VBW Engineering offers air handling units together with a factory-fitted automation system. Internal wiring and switchgear with the controller, mounted on the air handling unit (PLUG&PLAY).


Advantages of using
the PLUG & PLAY system

Reduced installation and commissioning time
(cost reduction)
Commissioning without disturbances
Factory configuration and full cabling guarantee trouble-free operation of the device
Electrical connections made and checked by
qualified technicians
electrical terminations, certified cable junction boxes and connections


01. Default wiring
02. Installation
03. Controller
04. Correct operation
05. Connection method
06. Configuration
07. Complexity
08. Safety
09. Customised approach
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