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Comprehensive service

We provide a comprehensive service for air conditioning and ventilation units. VBW Engineering’s professional service supports our customers with knowledge and experience, ensuring safety, stable operation of equipment, thermal efficiency and longer service life.

Experienced staff

Experienced staff

We provide services in the following areas:

of units
of AHUs
of components
Commissioning of
gas burner modules
Integration and start-up of cooling systems
Warranty service inspections
Post-warranty service inspections

and profit

Comprehensive and professionally conducted service makes it possible to achieve 100% efficiency of your equipment. Thanks to this, you get high quality: ventilation, cooling and air heating.

Regular service also prevents unexpected failures throughout the life of the unit and allows you to enjoy fresh and clean air for longer – providing our customers with comfort and continuous air exchange.

Ventilation, regardless of the type, ensures the supply of fresh air and the exhaust of used air. Its trouble-free operation is one of the elements of the comfort of staying in a given room.

and efficient operation of the equipment
Possibility to extend the warranty up to 5 years !!!
Prevent and profit

of equipment operation

Constant monitoring is essential to ensure proper functioning of the equipment. In order to ensure a failure-free cycle of operation, constant monitoring of air-handling units should be carried out. The user’s basic tasks include: constant maintenance of the equipment and its components, ensuring full completeness of the documentation possessed, and above all using the equipment in accordance with its intended purpose. Maintaining the conditions for the use of the air handling unit, together with constant service carried out by qualified and experienced staff, makes it possible to obtain 100% efficiency of the air handling unit and prolongs its failure-free working cycle.

Constant control

Constant control

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*Assembly of equipment, installation of cabling and dismantling only applies to VBW Engineering equipment.