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A new addition to the VBW Engineering portfolio! SPS-Ecobox

SPS-ECOBOX is a suspended/standing compact air handling unit made using the PLUG&PLAY standard, dedicated to ventilation of small rooms. It is equipped with G4 filters, a high efficiency recuperator (η=78%) and fans with a 230V EC engine. The technology of state-of-the-art EC engines guarantees minimum energy consumption and ensures smooth adjustment of air flow and quiet operation of the unit.

The product series includes four sizes – from 110 to 1200 m3/h. The device can be operated from the bottom or from the top, and from one of the two service sides – right or left. The upper / lower cover is installed on hinges with toggle clamps.

The ECOBOX housing is an innovative self-supporting structure, in which the inner cladding it also a membrane for each batch in the device. The size of the product series is small, which enables installation in small spaces under the ceiling. Another advantage is the option to ‘disconnect’ the power and control switchgear from the device and its installation at a location selected by the customer.


  • single/multi-family buildings,
  • offices,
  • small business buildings,
  • public buildings: municipal offices, schools, kindergartens,
  • service buildings: fitness clubs, cafés.


  • the lack of moving parts significantly increases the service life of the component,
  • streams of supply and exhaust air are completely separated from each other.


  • switchgear embedded in the unit,
  • programmable unit operation time – hours and days of the week,
  • easy integration of peripheral devices,
  • protection of cross-flow exchanger against frost – reduced input required for the supply air fan,
  • ability to control exchangers dedicated to specific areas,
  • filter contamination control based on the device operating time,
  • visualisation of measurement readings,
  • adjustment of supply air temperature or room temperature,
  • touch panel (optional),
  • adjustable input based on measurements of the CO2 sensor (optional).