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Technological solutions inspired by nature

Blue steel: bionic, corrugated, extremely efficient, very quiet.
ZAbluefin gets better by modelling itself on what already exists and works perfectly in nature itself. The humpback fin and its protuberances (tubercles) on the front edge, work perfectly in extreme conditions and gain more from optimal flow. Also, for example, the V-shaped contour of the rear fin of the cetacean, when technically implemented in ZAbluefin, reduces the phenomenon of jet separation at the front and rear disc. This allows the fan to be used with different pressure requirements. We apply all of these solutions to our OKEANOS air-handling units in order to achieve the greatest possible efficiency and effectiveness.

16890. a) DRAINING – possibility of operation => winter + summer.
b) Bridgeless profile TB1(M) + PE2 foam casing.
c) 63mm insulation (U=0.5W/m2K => T1; for 50mm insulation, U=0.64W/m2K => T2).
d) internal sheathing – polyester paint coating (ceiling + side walls => 0.7mm (mill); floor up to 1885mm wide => 1mm (mill) / above 1885mm 1.5mm (paint shop).
e) corrosivity category C4/C4 (also brine pools).
f) High efficiency hexagonal exchanger – efficiency 88.4% (reaches 93%). Effective separation of supply and exhaust air streams (leakage less than 0.5% at 400Pa).
g) reversible heat pump – heating/drying WINTER; cooling/drying SUMMER.
h) unit – BLDC inverter compressor => smooth capacity regulation / highest efficiency level.
i) filtration – panel filters with a plastic frame (possible classes: F5(ePM10 – 75%); F7(ePM1 – 55%); F9(ePM1 – 80%); PN-EN ISO16890.
j) Plug&Play device => cables enclosed within covers and profiles.