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Anti-virus system in Torus office buildings

After many months of work by Torus’ internal research and development team and external experts, including from VBW Engineering in Gdynia, the air handling unit system, which is a critical element of office buildings, has been thoroughly redesigned. The modification limits the spread of various pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses. A team of engineers from Torus, in cooperation with VBW Engineering experts, has created an innovative solution in the area of air handling units, which is already being implemented in buildings under construction (the second stage of Officyna and Format) and will be an element of a new standard in the planned investments.

It consists in modifying the construction of air handling units and the use of UV-C lamps (UV-C flow lamps using ultraviolet light are one of the most effective devices capable of removing viruses, bacteria, fungi or destroying DNA and RNA of any microorganisms), which eliminates the risk of any pathogens from the exhaust air from the office space entering the supplied air. This is a novelty on the commercial property market.

- Individual elements, components and technologies which we have used in our solution are of course known in Poland and worldwide, but using them in such a form and configuration, in the face of current threats, is definitely an innovation on the office market. The pandemic is also a great challenge for the sanitary industry. As a matter of fact, no one has yet worked out completely reliable technical solutions to provide fully effective protection against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Thanks to the efforts of many entities and individuals, we have jointly developed a solution that significantly increases the level of protection against pathogen transmission in office spaces. ‘The whole system has the appropriate TÜV Rheinland certificates for air-conditioning units’, says Marek Sochacki, regional manager of VBW Engineering.

‘Crises are always challenging, and in the case of pandemics they are also socially difficult. Nevertheless, they can stimulate progress in many sectors of the economy, as we can see right now. In the past year, we have focussed on finding solutions that respond to contemporary needs’, says Marcin Piątkowski, commercialisation director at Torus.

Source: https://biznes.trojmiasto.pl/System-antywirusowy-w-biurowcach-Torusa-n156496.html