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What are the real benefits of heat recovery?
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Heat recovery from the ventilation system reduces the costs of heating rooms. The savings can be from 70% to 96% of the heat consumed by the ventilation system. In addition, fresh air is introduced into circulation, which removes significant numbers of mites, fungi and other allergens. This is the most economical and efficient way to obtain comfortable, fresh and filtered air at a suitable temperature.

1. A clean atmosphere:

One medium-sized tree absorbs 5–6 kg CO2 per year. The use of heat recovery supports the ‘operation’ of forests, purifying the atmosphere.
2. Reducing CO2 emissions:
The technology, which reduces these emissions, contributes to improving air quality and reducing the greenhouse effect threatening the earth.
3. Reduced fuel consumption:

Heat recovery from used air removes the need for energy obtained through the combustion of expensive and gradually depleting resources of natural gas and oil or less expensive, but contaminated and harmful coal.
4. Operational gains:

Investments with heat recovery systems have a high rate of return through savings in energy consumption and thus help you save money.
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