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New markets for customers of VBW Engineering equipment

The group of customers buying VBW Engineering units is growing not only year by year, but month by month. The omnipresent globalisation facilitates presentation and fast delivery of the company’s products to most countries in the world. Most recently, our equipment has made its way to​Georgia in the USA, where our air handling units will be responsible for chemical filtration in manufacturing plants. The selected air handling units are the beginning of our cooperation on the American market, where the quality of VBW Engineering’s equipment has been appreciated and our offer has been selected as a result of many years of research on the European Union market and business talks with the majority of local HVAC manufacturers. Our customer was looking for a manufacturer of air handling units that could withstand the harmful conditions of continuous operation in a climate typical of the southern US, with high temperatures and high humidity. After taking into account all of the requirements of the facility, our designers came up with a design of suitable equipment, which, as the direct customer informed us,​was custom-made for what the facility needed and perfectly fulfilled its role in chemical filtration.