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VBW Engineering introduces a new type of dehumidifiers. The innovative design involves the use of additional heat recovery (recuperator) in the regenerative air line. This results in a significant reduction of energy consumption by the entire device. A CK-type desiccant dehumidifier belonging to the series of BO air-handling units is used in ventilation systems, where one of the main parameters of treatment is to maintain dry air. The requirement for low relative humidity is applied in the pharmaceutical, food, power engineering, and refrigerating industries, etc. Reduced air humidity in many cases determines the quality of products, reliability or efficiency of production and packaging processes.

The proposed desiccant dehumidifiers are much more effective in drying than the devices based on condensation. The device absorbs moisture through the specially designed adsorption rotor. It uses silica gel to completely adsorb the moisture in the flowing air. The rotor is insensitive to long periods of standstill, which means that even full moisture saturation does not affect the performance of the process.

The device operates with two air streams of different sizes. The larger stream (process air) is dried while passing through the dehumidifier, while the smaller stream (regenerative air) is used to receive the collected moisture and discharge it outside the dried room (rotor regeneration mode). After passing through the rotor, the dehumidified air is returned to the room or used in the production process (e.g. drying). Regenerative air is heated by the heater to a temperature that breaks the van der Waals bonds (60 – 110oC).