BS/BD Compact-H

BS / BD COMPACT H is an extremely efficient control panel available in a compact housing. Designed for installation BS-inside, BD-outside the building. Available in 7 size variants. From now on, the device is available with a modern countercurrent (hexagonal) exchanger

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200 do 9000m³/h
Device type
Automation system
Filter types
ISO ePM10 50% (M5)
ISO ePM1 70% (F7)
BS- Indoor, BD- Outdoor
Heat recovery
Up to 95%
Offices, shops, restaurants, kindergartens, small public buildings

Product features

Air handling unit - BS / BD COMPACT H is a completely new product in the portfolio of VBW Engineering. The device brings together the best solutions of the company that have been developed over 25 years of experience. Sheathing made of magnelis ZM310 sheet, energy-saving EC fans, PTC or water electric heater, mineral wool insulation, panel filters and full automation with the Plug & Play system, all hidden in a reinforced structure with reduced dimensions.

• range of expenditure: 200 to 9,000 * m³ / h
• 7 sizes available
• heat exchanger: countercurrent (hexagonal)
• PTC electric / water heater
• energy-saving and quiet EC motors in the IE4 class
• compact dimensions of the structure
• high efficiency of energy recovery up to 95%
• Plug & Play standard (factory wiring of the device)
• modern automation system


The BS/BD-COMPACT-H range consists of 7 sizes, but there are no restrictions on larger units. There is the option of a customised unit in terms of materials and air output. The BS/BD-COMPACT-R air handling units are self-supporting without aluminium profiles. The outer panels of the HVAC unit are made of aluzinc outer metal sheets and galvanised inner sheets, forming the cladding for a mineral wool core. The air handling units are equipped with stubs for connection to ducts. The 50 mm thick mineral wool core has a good thermal insulating and sound attenuating performance. All functional sections are placed in one casing which makes the unit compact and facilitates its transport, assembly and operation. The unit is supplied as a complete unit with automation and wiring. The device is made in the plug & play standard.

Full automatic (internal wiring)

Energy-saving EC motors (in class IE4)

PTC electric or water heater

External or internal version

Counterflow hexagonal heat exchanger


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Automation and Plug&Play

To ensure the highest level of service, our units are provided with intuitive automatic controls. From simple control systems which are perfect performers for those who first value intuitive units which are simple to operate to fully-optioned controls systems for end to end management of every operating feature of HVAC units (with temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors, pressure switches, thermostats, valves, damper and valve actuators, and more).
We prefer freely programmable development environments, with every application program custom-made for the best fit to custom specifications.


Advantages of using the PLUG & PLAY system

Reduced installation and commissioning time
(cost reduction)
Commissioning without disturbances
caused by difficult atmospheric conditions
Electrical connections made and checked by
qualified technicians
electrical terminations, certified cable junction boxes and connections
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