Pool unit

Product description

Highly efficient unit designed for ventilation, dehumidification and heating of all types of indoor swimming pools – private, hotel and public – for recreational, sport and therapeutic purposes.
The OKEANOS pool unit is manufactured in various sizes providing air outputs in the range of 1,000–45,000 m³/h. Construction materials used for the construction as well as internal components for air processing and pumping are characterised by increased resistance to corrosion and chlorine compounds.
Equipping swimming pool units with a heat pump significantly increases the heat recovery coefficient and makes it possible to dehumidify the air in summer periods when supplying 100% fresh air does not ensure maintenance of the required humidity. An additional advantage of using a heat pump in a swimming pool unit is the possibility of recovering heat from the exhaust air and transferring it to heating the pool water.

300–45,000 m³/h
Device type
Automation system
Type of filters
ePM10 (M5)
ePM1 (F7)
Swimming pool
Heat recovery
Up to 92%
Outdoor application
swimming pools
with swimming pools

Product features

  • The control panel is highly resistant to corrosion and chlorine compounds
  • Internal elements of Magnelis ZM310 (e.g. frame and diaphragm of the fan unit, filter guides)
  • Heat pump fittings made of copper alloys
  • High-efficiency AC or EC fans
  • Heat pump fittings made of copper alloys
  • 50 mm or 70 mm thick mineral wool insulation
  • The device is tailored and selected to the individual needs of the customer
  • Optional: Heat pump increasing the heat recovery coefficient and ensuring significant savings


Appropriate construction of OKEANOS pool units ensures failure-free operation in conditions more difficult than air-conditioning of daily life, as the units treat both fresh air and process (mainly dehumidifying) air extracted from the pool hall, which is very humid and contains aggressive chlorine compounds.
A skeleton construction is used in the OKEANOS pool units, which consists of aluminium profiles and corners forming a skeleton structure to which covers, removable panels and inspection doors are attached. The interior floor sheathing and internal components, including the frame and diaphragm of the fan unit, filter guide, diaphragms and exchanger guides. The sheathing consists of an external sheet metal (aluzinc) and an internal sheet metal (galvanised sheet metal coated on both sides) filled with 50 mm or 70 mm thick mineral wool insulation. The floor is made of coated galvanised sheet metal. The exchanger guides, filters, diaphragms and all fixing elements are made of coated galvanised sheet metal. The same type of sheet metal is used for the casing of the drop separator and the tub.

Multi-stage heat recovery system

Designed for dehumidification and ventilation

of all types of indoor swimming pool halls

Highly efficiency heat pump

Corrosion-resistant structure


Adjustyour airhandlingunit

AHU tailored to your needs

To meet customer expectations, VBW Engineering manufactures products according to individual requirements. VBW Engineering units can be tailored in terms of dimensions, design, technology and colour. Our customised products are tailored exactly to you, manufactured to the highest standard every time so as to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, designers and investors.

Central unit type Weight Output range The power of the fan motor
[kg] [m3/h] [kw]
max. min. max.
BS-RP-MINI-SW 300 600 1200 0.55
BS-RP-1-SW 500 1600 1800 1,5
BS-RP-2-SW 600 2400 3900 2,2
BS-RP-3-SW 720 3500 6100 3
BS-RP-3-BIS-SW 800 5000 8600 4
BS-RP-4-SW 1000 5000 7000 4
BS-RP-5-SW 1250 8000 9400 5,5
BS-RP-6-SW 1500 10000 12400 7,5
BS-RP-5-BIS-SW 1600 11000 12600 7,5
BS-RP-6-BIS-SW 1700 13000 15800 11
BS-RP-7-SW 2050 14000 19000 11
BS-RP-7-BIS-SW 2450 18000 23100 15
BS-RP-8-SW 3100 21000 28000 18,5
BS-RP-8-BIS-SW 3800 30000 49000 22

Adjustyour airhandlingunit

and Plug&Play

For manufactured air-handling units, VBW Engineering delivers complete automation systems. VBW Engineering can also install, commission, and service the HVAC units with the aid of highly qualified and experienced service personnel. The HVAC unit control solutions are always adapted to the specific project requirements for the building and its users’ individual needs.

The idea of the PLUG & PLAY automation system is to prepare the control system of the air handling unit so that it is ready for immediate operation.
VBW Engineering offers air handling units together with a factory-fitted automation system. Internal wiring and switchgear with the controller mounted on the air handling unit.


Advantages of using
the PLUG & PLAY system

Reduced installation and commissioning time
(cost reduction)
Commissioning without disturbances
caused by difficult atmospheric conditions
Electrical connections made and checked by
qualified technicians
electrical terminations, certified cable junction boxes and connections
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