Sectional air handling unit – outdoor

Product description

BD sectional air handling and ventilation units in standard, hygienic and pool versions for outdoor installation. Standing device with capacity of 700 – 100,000 m3/h -*or higher. BD units can be specially adapted to individual customer needs and preferences.


700–100,000 m³/h
Device type
Automation system
Filter types
G1 to H14
(pre-filters, fine, absolute, carbon, hepa, electrostatic, UV)
Heat recovery
Up to 92%
industrial complexes, offices, hotels, halls, public buildings

Product features

The product is offered in standard, swimming pool and hygienic versions. BD series units are designed for outdoor installation. Flexible selection of functional sections guarantees that the BS air handling unit is tailored to individual customer needs and preferences.

  • installation: outdoor
  • swimmin pool version
  • hygienic version
  • version with explosion-proof components
  • has the renowned Eurovent certificate
  • filter classes: G1 to H14 (pre-filters, fine, absolute, carbon, hepa, electrostatic, UV)
  • water/steam/glycol/electric heater
  • water/glycol/freon cooler
  • includes (humidification sections, damping sections, fan assemblies)
  • possibility of individual configuration of the device with capacity
  • above 100 ths m3/h
  • automation system
  • optional: Plug&Play automation system


BD air handling units use two technological solutions of the casing construction. The solution used so far is based on a frame made of aluminium poles and the solution based on a self-supporting structure. External casings are made of external aluzinc sheet, the internal is galvanised on both sides. Insulation is made of mineral wool with a standard insulation thickness of 50 mm (70 mm on special order). Selection between the two enclosure structural solutions depends on the rated air output, HVAC unit configuration, and air treatment specifications of each HVAC unit model.

Sectional structure

 with 50 / 70mm insulation




High-efficiency EC motors meeting the IE4

Gas heater

Possibility to configure the device with a gas heater

Special execution

hygenic, swimming pool, with explosion-proof components

Applied special roof

made a sheet metal Magnelis ZM310


air intake and external exhaust

Individual adjustment

of unit parameters and size


Adjustyour airhandlingunit

AHU tailored to your needs

Sectional BS AHUs allow building any configuration of sections to achieve the specified air treatment through a wide selection of components per each AHU function. The concept behind the sectional AHUs is to enable a flexible selection of functional sections to meet the most demanding air treatment specifications. Flexible selection of functional sections in BS AHUs guarantees adaptation to individual investment needs and customer preferences.

Adjustyour airhandlingunit

and Plug&Play

For manufactured air-handling units, VBW Engineering delivers complete automation systems. VBW Engineering can also install, commission, and service the HVAC units with the aid of highly qualified and experienced service personnel. The HVAC unit control solutions are always adapted to the specific project requirements for the building and its users’ individual needs.

The idea of the PLUG & PLAY automation system is to prepare the control system of the air handling unit so that it is ready for immediate operation.
VBW Engineering offers air handling units together with a factory-fitted automation system. Internal wiring and switchgear with the controller mounted on the air handling unit.


Advantages of using
the PLUG & PLAY system

Reduced installation and commissioning time
(cost reduction)
Commissioning without disturbances
caused by difficult atmospheric conditions
Electrical connections made and checked by
qualified technicians
electrical terminations, certified cable junction boxes and connections

Gas-flow Heater

Gas heating module

Using the PEGAZ type heating module together with complete
oil or gas installations is much cheaper than building a boiler
room which is necessary to produce and send the heating
medium to the central unit. PEGAZ heating modules with
a gas or oil burner cooperate with BS sectional air handling
units and air conditioning units, BD roof units and work
as duct zone heaters.

Capacity range With air flows Power modulation
2kW - 350kW 150m³/h - 26,500m³/h
(or higher)
1:10 (single)
20kW - 700kW 300m³/h - 53,000m³/h
(or higher)
1:20 (double)

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