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OSIR - Bytom
The Sports and Recreation Centre in Bytom is a huge sports complex established in 1977 with sections such as an indoor swimming pool with two pools, an ice rink, a municipal stadium, a sports hall with an auditorium for 996 people, a skate park and a complex of pitches.
Railway Museum in Riga
In 1999, the renovation of the historical building of the steam locomotive depot in the Latvian capital, Riga, which houses the Railway Museum, began. The project envisaged the creation of exhibition halls, offices and facilities for the conservation of exhibits. In September 2000, this very interesting building was officially opened and made accessible to a wide range of railway history enthusiasts. The museum houses over a thousand exhibits, including historical trains, technical documentation, photographs relating to railway history, signalling equipment, railway workers’ uniforms and tickets. The railway history presented here also perfectly shows the high technological development and changes taking place not only in the capital, but also in the whole of Latvia.
National Maritime Museum - Gdańsk
The National Maritime Museum, Gdańsk is a national cultural institution, a museum whose mission is to protect nautical heritage by collecting and preserving historical objects connected with sailing, boatbuilding, shipbuilding, and fishing, and to promote knowledge about them, as well as Poland’s maritime history and economy. The museum carries out its mission through research work, conservation of monuments, organisation of exhibitions and participation in museum associations. In 2016, all branches of the museum were visited by 415,000 people[2] and a year later by 469,836 people.
Torbyd ice rink, Bydgoszcz
The Torbyd municipal ice rink was opened in January 2018. The facility has 4605 square metres of floor space. The ice rink can host 240 people at the same time. The Torbyd rink serves primarily as the city’s ice skating rink, although the rink surface meets the requirements of the International Ice Hockey Federation, which also allows professional matches to be played.
Ziemeļblāzma Cultural Palace
‘Ziemeļblāzma’ is a cultural palace in Riga. It has several choirs, orchestras, folklore ensembles, art studios, bands, etc. It also houses a branch of the Ziemeļblāzma Library, which in itself is a branch of the Riga Central Library.
Klub Studio, Kraków
In 1964, an innovative, award-winning investment was launched, whose general designer was Professor Tomasz Piotr Mańkowski PhD, Eng. of Architecture, creating a residential and commercial complex called Student Village in Krakow. It is the largest complex of its kind in Poland, and is intended to provide housing and easy access to services, culture and sport for thousands of students. Today it is a club managed by the AGH University of Science and Technology Students and Alumni Foundation, which aims to promote culture and entertainment in the student community. Both local and foreign pop music performers have appeared on the Klub Studio stage.
Almaty Arena Stadium, Kazakhstan
Behind the creation of the modern ALMATY ARENA stadium, there was an initiative to create a fully enclosed facility, cutting spectators off from outside conditions due to extremely cold winters and hot summers. Underneath the thousands of tons of steel were stands divided into two levels: the lower level around the entire pitch accommodates about 16,000 spectators, and the upper level – just to the east and west – another 14,000. The first match was played on 3 July 2009.
Jordanki - Toruń
This building, designed by the Spanish architect Fernando Menis, with its brick interior evokes the old town of Toruń, located nearby. The building has received numerous awards. It was recognised as one of the 7 New Wonders of Poland by National Geographic. Moreover, it won the award for ‘the best cultural project’ at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona 2010. Modern solutions in the field of acoustics and shaping the surface of the auditorium make the centre a perfect venue for organisers of all kinds of events.
School hall at Lower Secondary School 2, Żukowo
A sports and entertainment hall located at Jan Hevelius Lower Secondary School No. 2 in Zukowo. The hall has an auditorium for at least 150 people and is equipped with other necessary infrastructure. The hall hosts school events and sports events including football tournaments.
Ergo Arena - Gdańsk
Thanks to its modern construction, the ERGO ARENA can accommodate 11,000 and, together with stands, even 15,000 spectators. It offers the possibility to play a whole range of sports competitions. An extensive audio system, excellent acoustics of the facility, roof structure allowing for the suspension of up to 144 tonnes of lighting and sound equipment, and large space guarantee the highest quality of musical events and theatre shows. The Building Management System (BMS), emergency warning system (DSO), accessibility for the disabled, capacious car parks and the ideal location on the border of Gdańsk and Sopot make it possible to organise events at the highest world level.
Arena - Toruń
This is a full-sized, multi-purpose sports and entertainment hall with a primary athletics function in Toruń. The facility was officially opened on 10 August 2014. In 2021, the 36th European Indoor Athletics Championships were held in Arena Toruń. The ‘Arena Toruń’ consists of a main hall with a six-lane 200m running track, an eight-lane sprinting track, a runway for long jump, triple jump, pole vaulting and high jump, as well as a circle for shot put and a multifunctional field.
Chorzowskie centrum kultury - Chorzów
Chorzów Cultural Centre is one of the most important cultural institutions in Chorzów. Its origins date back to the 1920s, when the Polish inhabitants of the then Royal Steelworks decided to build their own Municipal Community House. The theatre hall was opened in 1934 and the left wing of the building was opened five years later. To this day, numerous Polish stars have performed on the Chorzów stage.
Młyn Wiedzy Modernity Centre in Toruń
This is the first science centre in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. Opened in 2013, it is located in buildings from the turn of the 20th century. On an area of 5,000 m2, on six floors, there is space for four permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibitions, science laboratories and exhibition rooms for children. The Centre’s trademark is Foucault Pendulum, visible from each floor, illustrating the phenomenon of the Earth’s rotation around its own axis.
ANGIE Tennis Centre in Puszczykowo
The tennis centre offers 11 courts located both indoors (in a hall) and outdoors. The hall containing four courts, due to its size, allows professional tournaments to be played.
Mandoria Adventure Park
Mandoria Adventure Park is a theme park located in Rzgów near Łódź. The theme of the park, opened in 2021, is European trading cities of the Renaissance era. The park, with a target area of approx. 50 ha, includes a year-round theme park created under a roof covering an area of 1.5 ha.
The Amber Museum in Gdańsk
The Amber Museum, a branch of the Gdańsk Museum, is a craft museum documenting the history of amber and the history of amber-making in Poland. Located in one of the flagship monuments of Gdańsk’s Old Town, the Great Mill, the Amber Museum opened in 2021 as a branch of the Gdańsk Museum. It offers visitors permanent and temporary exhibitions, located on three floors.
Museum of Technology and Communication – Zajezdnia in Szczecin
Located in Szczecin, the Museum of Technology and Communication ‘Zajezdnia’ is one of the largest technical museums in Poland. The museum was established in 2006 and is located in a tram depot listed in the register of historical monuments. In this place you can learn about the history of Szczecin public transport and the Szczecin automotive industry.
Opera Nova
Opera Nova, an opera theatre located in Bydgoszcz, also plays the role of a musical theatre. It is one of 10 opera houses in Poland and the only theatre of this type in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. The seat of the Opera is located in one of the three architectural circles of the Congress Centre, situated at the bend of the Brda River. Opera Nova is a cultural institution that performs artistic activities in the form of opera shows, operetta, ballet and musicals. The opera’s activities also include educational projects, such as the Ballet Studio, which introduces children and young people to the world of opera and ballet.
Non-public kindergarten Zakątek przedszkolaka in Łochów
The main objective of the project was to create a modern, creative space that positively influences children through learning and playing, creating a place that encourages children to develop their imagination. An important aspect of the project was to design the space so that it could easily adapt to the needs of children and educators. Adjacent rooms have been divided by a system of mobile walls, which makes it possible to create a single, large open space.
Polish Dance Theatre
As of 2018 operating under the name Polish Dance Theatre – Poznań Ballet – the theatre was established in 1973 on the initiative of the municipal authorities and the artistic community of Poznań. Expanding its activities with an educational and workshop element, in 1994–2016 the theatre organised International Workshops of Contemporary Dance and the International Festival of Dance Theatres, in recent years under the name Dancing Poznań.  For over 48 years, the Polish Dance Theatre has produced over 200 premieres, visited five continents and received numerous awards. Since its foundation, the Polish Dance Theatre has been a theatre without its own premises. In 2017, the Marshal of the Greater Poland Voivodeship, the director of the Polish Dance Theatre signed a contract for the implementation of the project entitled ‘Adaptation of buildings located in Poznań at Taczaka Street (including renovation of a tenement house) for cultural purposes of the Polish Dance Theatre together with equipment’ from the EU funds of the Greater Poland Regional Operational Programme 2014+. The official inauguration of the Polish Dance Theatre’s own headquarters took place online on the International Dance Day 2021.
Wilam Horzyca Theatre
Located in Toruń, the Wilam Horzyca Drama Theatre is a voivodeship cultural institution. The theatre is located in the northern part of the Old Town Complex. The representative part of the building and the main entrance is located at Plac Teatralny 1. In 1971, the building of the theatre was entered in the register of monuments, it is also listed in the municipal register of monuments.
Wintergarten Variete - Berlin
The entrance to the Wintergarten Berlin theatre takes you into a wonderful world of diversity. Dark velvet, fine wood and the inimitable starry sky recreate the atmosphere of the enchanting 1920s. Show, music, variety theatre – fun, charming and diverse. Meret Becker or the Tiger Lillies, newcomers or international stars of the vaudeville scene meet on the stage of the most beautiful theatre in Europe.