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Międzyleski Specialised Hospital in Warsaw
A multi-specialist hospital with the rank of a voivodeship hospital. The main objective of the hospital, which has been operating since 1960, is to protect the health of the population by providing specialist and highly specialised inpatient and outpatient medical services.
Yuria Pharm
The pharmaceutical company YURiA-PHARM was founded in 1998. Today it is a leading manufacturer of infusion solutions not only in Ukraine, but also in Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Moldova. The company supplies medical institutions with more than 100 items of blood and plasma replacement solutions, original infusion drugs, antibiotics, fungicides, syrups, antiseptics, preparations for parenteral nutrition, anti-tuberculosis drugs, syringes, infusion sets. The product range fully covers the requirements of inpatient treatment facilities in infusion therapy.
Gemini PharmChem - Mannheim
Pharmaceutical company that focusses on the modern production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). The head office – Synbias Pharma AG – is located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland and its production and R&D facility is located in Mannheim, Germany. The core specialisation of Gemini PharmChem Mannheim GmbH is the development and production of highly potent APIs, mainly used in the treatment of cancer, including anthracyclines, nucleosides and plant alkaloids.
Browarfarm - Ukraina
One of the key Ukrainian manufacturers of animal preparations. The company’s portfolio includes almost 130 various preparations, produced originally by Brovafarma: anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial products, vitamins and minerals, disinfectants. As productions are expanded and modernised, the demand is growing for highly efficient and failure-free ventilation systems at facilities. VBW supplied BS sectional air handling units and SPS suspended air handling units with a total air flow rate of 60,000 m3/h to the facility.
VSIA ‘Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital’ is a multi-profile hospital that provides a full range of emergency and elective medical care, as well as pre- and post-graduate education, conducts scientific research and ensures the approval and introduction of new treatment methods and technologies in Latvia. The Pauls Stradins University Clinical Hospital was founded in 1910 and is proud of its long history and tradition. By mastering the most modern technologies, following the latest trends and service quality requirements, the hospital has become the largest and most modern medical institution in Latvia. The success of the hospital is guaranteed by its professional and motivated staff. It is the leading multi-profile hospital in Latvia, providing treatment and care in 26 fields of medicine. High treatment results have been achieved in the intensive care of pregnant women with birth defects and newborns.
Gaiļezers Hospital Riga
RIGA EAST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL is a multidisciplinary medical facility in Latvia that provides extensive diagnostics and treatment to patients, as well as conducting research and developing innovations, providing training for young professionals and organising activities for public education and health improvement. The hospital comprises five clinical centres. One of them is Gaiļezers. Each year the hospital provides healthcare services to more than 60,000 inpatients and 710,000 outpatients.
Medical Academy - Gdańsk
The oldest and largest medical university in northern Poland. It consists of two medical institutions: the University Clinical Centre (with a sanitary helipad on the roof), which is currently the largest hospital in Poland, and the University Dental Centre.
Ophthalmology clinic OFTALMIKA
Oftalmika ophthalmology clinic consists of a team of specialists in ophthalmology. Over the years of its activity, the centre has extended the scope of its services by ophthalmological surgeries performed with the use of top-class medical equipment.
Military Hospital - Lublin
It is a modern facility meeting all standards with a rich history of its establishment. From the very beginning the hospital functioned in the ‘Bobolanum’ building, which was built in 1922–1926 from contributions of the society for educational purposes of the Society of Jesus, and in particular of the Faculty of Theology under the invocation of St. Andrzej Bobola. Today, the Military Clinical Hospital with Polyclinic SP ZOZ in Lublin is under conservation protection on the basis of its entry in the Municipal Register of Monuments in Lublin.
Stadmedica is a multi-specialist medical centre with its origins dating back to 1987. Thanks to the cooperation of qualified specialists and modern equipment, we guarantee our patients the highest standard of treatment, comfort and safety. Laboratory tests and treatments are carried out on the premises of the hospital in the fields of, for example, vascular surgery and angiology, plastic and general surgery, dermatology, neurosurgery, gynaecology and urology, and physiotherapy.