Tailored to you Awards

Partner of Gdynia Sport 2008

On 12 January 2009, the Musical Theatre in Gdynia hosted the Gdynia Sport Gala 2008, during which the President of Gdynia, Wojciech Szczurek, handed out awards for outstanding achievements in amateur and professional sport and activities to develop physical culture and promote the City of Gdynia through sport in 2008. For many years, our company, VBW Engineering, has been promoting the development of Polish sport and, consequently, the education of Pomeranian youth by enabling them to develop their talents in various sport disciplines. Our efforts and those of other Tri-City companies have brought tangible results in the form of awards won by young people from Gdynia and the recognition of their achievements by the nationwide sports community.

We are very pleased to once again be among the illustrious group of companies and individuals whose actions positively contribute to the formation of such a dynamic community as the athletes of Gdynia.