Tailored to you Awards

Business Gazelles 2007

We are very pleased to inform you that our company, VBW Engineering, was granted the title of Business Gazelle. This award, which is very important for us, is the recognition of our dynamic market activity and the extremely rapid development of the entire structure of our company. The Business Gazelles list is already a well-known and reliable brand in the circle of Polish companies. This is the only ranking, which takes into account not only the last year of business activity, but examines the dynamics of the company’s development and awards its fast and stable growth over the next 3 years. The main idea of the competition is to promote rapidly developing small and medium-sized companies. Why small and medium-sized companies? Because it is them that have the most significant share in the creation of gross domestic product and, in contrast to large companies, which often come from economic and political history, they can quickly and easily adapt to changing conditions, which is exactly what their ‘size’ allows them to do. Hence the name of the competition – gazelles are alert and agile, and must react quickly to an impending threat. A partner of the competition is the business intelligence service Coface Poland, which is responsible for verification of the financial data of the entered companies. Coface Poland also checks whether a given company is not in arrears with payments to contractors, employees, the Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and tax offices.