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Air-handling and  ventilation central units of  VBW Engineering can be supplied with automation systems, starting with simple steering systems and controlling work of unit, and ending with complicated systems operating "Intelligent building" type systems. Automation systems are manufactured individually depending on needs of particular installation. Feeding-steering switchgears of VBW Engineering fulfil all obligatory norms. They are aesthetic, solid and easy to use. Every system is tested before its shipment and montage. VBW Engineering: assembles elements of automation on the object (temperature, humidity, and pressure detectors, pressure switches, thermostats, valves, throttling valve and other valves actuators, and other), installs cables between elements of automation and  feeding-steering switchgears; initiates start of its own automation systems and alignment and activities associated with cooperation with appliances and elements of different installations; training of technical staff ranging from operation, service and maintenance of the device. Service in VBW Engineering: conducting punctual and professional inspections of devices included in service contracts, exchange of parts used during exploitation for new original  parts, used during manufacturing of the device. Signing service contract with VBW Engineering for guarantee inspections with fixed time is the condition for extending of guarantee for a device.