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Polish and foreign realisations of VBW Engineering in the first half of 2012

The premiere of our newest air handling unit is getting closer.It's a good time to recap national and international VBW Engineering activities from last six months.The more that - as it is demonstrated by recent market studies, an important realizations affects that the position of the leading Polish manufacturers of large volume room air conditioning units remains unwavering, and even shows a progressive tendency.

Of course we are presenting only the most interesting objects where the perfect climate is ensured by air handling units produced by VBW Engineering:


Public utility objects

- Outlet Hall Rzgow - is a first element of the big project, which is Ptak Expo rising on 200 hectares of land. It is planned that this year building of its second part - the Retail Park will start. Food and construction hypermarkets, entertainment center and cinema will be located in the Retail Park.According to estimates the complex will host 12 million of visitors every year.

- Ambassador Office Building Warsaw – is an example of latest technology effective usage in the A class office and administration buildings.Here BMS system controls energy consumption, temperature, humidity, limited access, fire protection, and precisely determines the appropriate temperature and humidity for each user in the air conditioned rooms of  7-storey building. Even on the ground floor the building has a 14 900 m2 of office space. The investor is the KRONOS Real Estate company.

- Aquarius Bussiness House Wrocław – is another A class office complex. This building offers a variety of the latest technology such as: high class data communication links, security system and access control, as well as technological solutions that manage energy and media in environment friendly, efficient and economical way. The Aquarius consists of two 7-storey buildings and offers 25 000 m2 of office space.

- Akimatu (Almaty/Kazachstan) - 7-storey office building with a modern air conditioning system - the seat of the city authorities.

- Ledo, Riecenka (Mińsk/Belarus) – big shopping centers, with modern air-conditioning installation.


Industrial objects

- Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. in Bolechow near Poznan – the company is a producer of city buses, intercity and tourist buses, trolley buses, special buses and trams. Modern assembly lines are exemple of the latest technology usage.

- TULA CEMENT PLANT (Tula/Russia) -  new factory of HeidelbergCement Group, located in the Tula region about 150 kilometers form Moscow. The factory has an 2 million tonnes annual production capacity. It is one of the largest and also one of the most environment friendly cement factory in Russia. Cement  form TulaCement new facility is produced in a dry process technology of limestone and clay produced in the nearby quarries. Raw material reserves are enough for a over 50 years. The entire factory including quarries is approximately 100ha.


Sport objects

- Swimming pools (Sankt-Petersburg/Russia) - LLC "Baseny" together with the General Contractor LLC "Tehglavstroy" are building this training and sports object with complex structures and engineering network. The building has a variable height from 2 to 4 floors.

- Hotel + Sports center (Budapest + Szigetszentmiklos/Hungary)


More informations you can find on our website .

Photo 1(from left) Aquarius Bussiness House, source:

Photo 2 (from left) Solaris Bus & Coach S.A, source:

Photo 3 (from left) Ambassador Office Building, source: