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Scientific and Technical Symposium in Kazakhstan

On 24 May, during AstanaBuild 2012 exhibition in Astan, together with the representatives of VBW Engineering Kazakhstan, we ran a scientific and technical symposium for air-conditioning experts. The topic attracted a wide range of designers and fitters, who wished to learn technological solutions as found in the already working with VBW equipment, such as Ergo Arena. The purpose of our HVAC units is not only to provide people with the most comfortable room air-conditioning, but also to ensure compliance with ecological norms. Another item on the agenda was to introduce our guests to our solutions ensuring highly economical use of our HVACs. Thanks to the symposium we could respond to our guests’ questions and present our certificates guaranteeing high manufacturing quality.


We thank all our guests for their interest and now begin to prepare for another meeting!

Photo report from one of symposiums: