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Infection prevention control system in Belarus

The goal of the visit of Paul Johnson, a prominent American expert, long-standing collaborator of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a lecturer at Harvard University, was to examine the air conditioning solutions used in medical facilities included in the Belarusian Infection Prevention System. The expert participated in the assessment of design plans for ventilation systems in infectious disease wards and medical laboratories in Gomel, Mogilev and Minsk. During a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Health and local authorities, exchange of experiences has taken place and much valuable advice based on the experience of the American specialists, as well as an invitation to attend Harvard University lectures on the design of hospitals for infectious diseases has been passed on.

From VBW Engineering’s standpoint, a very important element of this visit was the highest grade received by the air conditioning system of the Infectious Diseases Ward in the hospital in Gomel. This was important, as the climate and health safety of individuals at the ward are ensured by operation of two hygienic-grade BS air handling units provided by VBW Engineering. We consider this high note from a prominent, internationally renowned expert to be a reward for our long-standing efforts in production of air conditioning systems.