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ROOFTOP-BD roof air-handling unit

ROOFTOP-BD roof air-handling units are designed for cooling, heating and ventilation of single-zone commercial rooms, restaurants, servicing stations, warehouses and other rooms localized usually in one-storey buildings or on the last storey of multi-storey buildings. ROOFTOP-BD units are optimised for operation with internal air recirculation (from 5% to 90%). Recirculation constitutes a method for heat (or cool) recovery non requiring large energy expenditures. Unit housing of self-supporting design, minimizes thermal bridges creation and forming hydraulic or acoustic leakages. Small overall dimensions of the unit and ergonomic design minimizes area occupied on the roof. Used technologies guarantee easy installation and reduction of ventilation ducts length. Self-supporting design of housing provide high stiffness, high strength and low weight of unit. The unit is resistant for environmental conditions. Automatic control in all operating modes of the unit.