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The First General Assembly of KlimaPomerania Cluster

The First General Assembly of KlimaPomerania Cluster took place on 20th October in Ergo Arena’s conference room on Gdańsk and Sopot border. VBW Engineering was a co-organizer of the assembly. A fact that we’ve choosen the amazing Gdańsk-Sopot Ergo Arena as a location of the meeting wasn’t random. It gave us a chance to show our guests the heart of flagship VBW Engineering realization – the engine room of Ergo Arena.

The air conditioning system produced by VBW Engineering working in sports-entertainment hall (7 SPS suspended units, and 54 BS sectional air-handling units), the extensive order realization specificity and the applied technological solutions have met with the recognition of the invited guests. It’s worth to mention that the guests were demanding, because KlimaPomerania Cluster are enterprises, institutions and organizations, concentrated around the common goal. And This goal is balanced and innovative development of HVAC sector as the Pomerania fundamental economic sector.

The mission of the KlimaPomerania Cluster is encouraging the members to cooperate, promotion of goods and services in Poland and abroad, and also creating common projects.  This would be a developmental motor of new innovative products and services.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in KlimaPomerania Cluster meeting for the interest shown to our company.