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Air-handling unit VBW Engineering in Cultural Centre in Saska Kępa, Warsaw

      An abundance of celebrations scheduled for the end of September is taking place in several new facilities whose “good atmosphere” is being taken care of by air-handling units manufactured by VBW Engineering. One of these facilities is the long-awaited Cultural Centre in Saska Kępa, Warsaw. The building, on the corner of Paryska, Brukselska and Wersalska streets, was designed by Biuro 87A from Opole and has fascinating architectural features. Its uniqueness is accentuated by a fully glazed ground floor and the entire structure seamlessly blends in with the surrounding area.


       The ground floor houses cafes, audiovisual art galleries, and a dance hall with a sliding sound-proof wall to prevent the music from disturbing people chatting in the cafe. The first floor houses a show hall with 130 comfortable seats, where plays and concerts will be held. Film screenings will also be possible thanks to a pull-down screen. The grand attraction of the new culture centre is the wooden terrace on the roof. The stairs create an amphitheatre where will be able to listen to chamber concerts, watch plays and attend meetings with famous artists under the stars.


      Just as they do in other public facilities of this type, our BS2 and BD4 air-handling units not only meet the most rigorous reliability requirements, they operate exceptionally quietly so as not to distract the audience from enjoying their plays, concerts, etc.