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Polish Ventilation Association Meeting in Józefów


The Polish Ventilation Association was founded in Warsaw in 2001 by representatives of universities of technology, scientific research institutes, engineers and businessmen. VBW Engineering has been actively involved in the PVA for several years. We share our experience with other member companies and our staff contribute to the association journal "Cyrkulacje" (Circulation). The Polish Ventilation Association carries out a wide range of activities. These include legal and organizational activities aimed at: ensuring the Construction Law on ventilation is observed and complied with; unifying ventilation standards; and harmonizing these standards with European Union regulations.


The Association has built up a comprehensive database of information about constructing single and multi-family dwellings, public buildings, and office, commercial and industrial facilities. This information is utilised by VBW Engineering.

We took part in the annual PVA meeting in Józefów, as we have done in previous years. Apart from the lectures and the discussion on the current situation and state of the air-conditioning and ventilation market, participants were invited to join in outdoor activities aimed at strengthening the bonds between the companies that took part. For us, working as part such a vibrant industry organization is an exciting challenge. Membership has delivered measurable benefits, both in our commercial activities and the technological development of our production.