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New double cross-flow heat exchanger section CROSS-DUO in VBW offer

The producer of VBW Engineering air handling units put into it’s offer a new section CROSS-DUO with high heat recovery efficiency, which consist of two cross-flow heat exchangers. Air handling units in which this technology was applied, are characterized by very high heat recovery efficiency - over 75%. New sectionfound the wide application in hitherto  produced air-handling units like: BS sectional units, BD, BS1 – BS8 roof units, in units made in self-supporting technology BS1 – BS4, in swimming pool units and hygienic units.

The new technological solution is an alternative for other heat recovery methods available on the market like:

 - rotary heat exchanger: in situation, if we don’t want to recover the moisture

 - regenerative heat exchanger: similar heat recovery parameters with much lower capital costs

 As excellent supplementing of the used technology the producer is recomending, applying the ventilator systems with direct drive and modern electric motor with external rotor, wchich are made in Ecblue technology.