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New stadium in Gdynia – so much sport in the entire city !

This year Gdynia is having it’s 85th birthday. In the category of the age of cities – it is scarcely an early youth – thus jubilee on sportingly is completly justifiable. Nine days after Gdynia’s birthday the city is opening the modern stadium at Olimpijska street, which was waited for ages by fans. This investment, for which the total cost amounted to 84 million zlotys, is one of the most modern sports arenas in the country, and it received the UEFA*** Category. On tribunes there are places for 15 139 spectators. The most modern system in the country of the monitoring with 160 cameras will be watching over their safety.

Holding the comfort climate in the object, including training rooms,  biological regeneration rooms, cloakrooms and shop floors was entrusted to VBW Engineering air-handling units.  The range of supplies included thirteen BD air-handling units in roof execution and two BS air handling-units . This two types of air-handling units are equipped in refrigerating systems and independent cooling of air systems. This devices works in the entire building.


The Municipal stadium of Gdynia was built in record time. Works started in December 2009 and lasted by January 2011. The opening of the new stadium at Olimpijska street will be inaugurated by the match of Arka Gdynia and Beroe Stara Zagora.  Beroe Stara Zagora is an important club in the Arka Gdynia history. This Bulgarian team is connected with the participation of Gdynia players in gameses of the Cup of Winners of Cups and historical matches in 1979 r. We are sure, that atmosphere of the enthusiastic support from podiums of the old stadium, and especially from historical „ hills ”, will also appear on tribunes at the Olimpijska street.