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VBW at Złote Tarasy in Warsaw

The most prominent Warsaw investment in recent months. Grand opening with participation of the most important capital authorities. We talk about "Złote Tarasy" - the new generation, giant trade, office and entertainment complex situated in the centre of Warsaw.
Complex consists of several combined buildings: 100-meter high hotel-office building, two several storey high office buildings, 8-cinema multiplex building (the only 1500 seating capacity cinema in Warsaw) and atrium of 10 000 m2 glass roof.
With a great pleasure we inform that Złote Tarasy cinema will be equipped with VBW Engineering air-conditioning with unique cooling systems solutions. The project was an interesting challenge for our company and design engineers, which we have managed to realize, meeting the expectations of the main contractor - SKANSKA S.A. company and investor - ING REAL Estate.

When completed, the project will join the group of the top investments of Central and Eastern Europe.