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New building of Gdynia City Museum opening



Solemn opening of Gdynia City Museum new building took place on 16th November 2007. The President of Republic of Poland - Lech Kaczyński with his wife, President of Gdynia City - Wojciech Szczurek and Representatives of Gdynia Town Council honored the occasion, the whole event was conducted by Krzysztof Kolberger. One of the Museum's main goals is documentation and popularization of information about history and the present of Gdynia, development of village, city and harbor, especially concerning the meaning of town and harbor center during II Republic of Poland (1920-1939). Museum also organizes exhibitions of former and present artists from Poland and abroad, usually in cooperation with artists associations and organizations. Museum prepares historical exhibitions concerning events important for country and region history, relating to custom, rituals - e.g. old holiday habits, collection exhibitions - of miniature painting portfolio, folk clocks, postcards.
This celebration is also very important for our company VBW Engineering, as it is simultaneously the beginning of work of the appliances produced by us. Perfect climate inside the museum is assured by air handling units:
  1. AHU: BS-5 (50)-P ZNW1A
  2. AHU: BS-5 (50)-P ZNW1B
  3. AHU: BS-5 (50)-L ZNW1C
  4. AHU: BS-4 (50)-P ZNW3
  5. AHU: BS-2 (50)-P ZNW1B
  6. AHU: SPS-1-P ZW-8
  7. AHU: SPS-2-P ZN-5
  8. AHU: SPS-2-P ZW10
  9. AHU: SPS-1-L ZN-16
  10. AHU: SPS-1-P ZW-16
  11. AHU: SPS-1-P ZN-17
  12. AHU: SPS-1-P ZW-17

Total air capacity: 75 146 m3/h.

We congratulate on completing a great investment, which already has become one of the flagships of our home town.