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VBW Engineering Devices in Policlinic Centre of Specialistic and Rehabilitation Care "Dąbrowa - Dąbrówka"


On 18 July 2008 new Policlinic Centre of Specialistic and Rehabilitation Care "Dąbrowa - Dąbrówka", was dedicated. Thanks to the new Policlinic, this private Health Centre is able to offer the largest medical service out of all Medical Centres in Pomorskie province. The Centre was dedicated by Wojciech Szczurek - President of Gdynia. The new Policlinic is a specialist surgery center with newest medical equipment. A new day-department, equipped with 16 beds and newest equipment that will allow to carry out even the most complicated surgeries, has been opened alongside 18, already existing dispensaries. Two operating theatres will carry out, general, children, gynecology and optical surgeries. In the new Policlinic and Rehabilitation Centre an out-patient chemotherapy department and cryo-room have been opened. The chemotherapy department will support activity of oncology dispensary.

Such specific rooms require, not only, very modern and technologically advanced medical equipment but also air conditioning installations. Devices that are most suitable for such modern and advanced medical center are air-conditioning units and ventilation and heating devices produced by VBW Engineering. Above mentioned air-conditioning units guarantee perfect climate for both, patients and medical stuff. Our devices that are produced in hygienic conditions, comply with all, even most restricted requirements of National Hygienic Institution - Communal Hygienic Institution. This is confirmed by all awarded certificates.