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Power Engineering in Pomeranian Province

Under honoured patronage of Head of Pomeranian Province Cezary Dąbrowski on November 21st, 2005 science-technical conference about Power Engineering in Pomeranian Province took place. This meeting was part of the cycle Friendly Energies of Pomerania. Honoured Committee consisted of Jan Kozłowski- Marshal of Pomeranian Province, Waldemar Bartelik- President of Administration of Power Engineering Concern ENERGA S.A., Marek Dec- Member of Administration of Gdańsk Thermal Energy Entrepreneurship,  Waldemar Dunajewski- President of Administration of Thermal-electric Power Plant "Wybrzeże" S.A., Tadeusz Jednorał - President of Administration of Pomeranian Committee NOT, Jacek Marecki - President of Department PAN in Gdańska, Jarosław Mikielewicz - Director of Institute of Turbomachines (Fluid-flow machines), Zdzisław Nowak - Director of Pomeranian Department of Gas Institute, Ryszard Orłowski - President of Administration of Regional Institute of Thermal Power Engineering in Gdynia.
Our firm also took part in this extremely interesting conference. Because we constantly expand our offer through introduction of the newest technical achievements and solutions for example in heat recovery area, it was a great opportunity to exchange the experience and present technologies accustomed by VBW Engineering. At the conference participants could find out how certain units operate, for example air-conditioning unit Aura supplied with rotational exchanger providing high rate of heat recovery and attain information about operation of other products and used methods of recuperation. We would like to thank organizing committee of the conference for inviting our company VBW Engineeringto this extremely interesting and well organized conference.