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Conference "New technics in air-conditioning and heating" - Warsaw

Warsaw Air-Conditioning and Heating Institution in association with Major Polish Engineers and Sanitary Technician Committee organized 28 May 2008 in Warsaw Polytechnic, conference about "New technics in air-conditioning and heating". It was an excellent opportunity for the outstanding polish personalities and experts who deal with air-conditioning, ventilation and heating issues, to meet and exchange their experience in this matters. VBW Engineering, as a booster of initiating modern technology solutions in air-conditioning industry, also took  part in this event. Researchers and students who attended the conference had an opportunity to participate in a lecture about " Air-conditioning central with after cooling condensation function of build up cooling system". They also had a chance to get professional advice from our company representatives. We were very pleased with the great interest in the air-conditioning central that was  produced by our company and exhibit on our stand. We also enjoyed an extremely interesting issues that were brought up by visiting scientists and students.

Subject matter of the Conference:

  • Global trends in designing ventilation, air-conditioning and heating systems
  • Modern solutions in ventilation, air-conditioning and heating devices
  • Heating and cooling energy management
  • Ventilation in un -smoking buildings
  • Requirements and resources necessary to provide proper quality of internal environment in comfortable and industrial buildings
  • Technical and procedure problems in delivering ventilation, air-conditioning and heating installations
  • Exploitation conditions of ventilation, air-conditioning and heating installations
  • Air-conditioning and heating installations in intelligent buildings
  • Heating comfort and quality of air in premises
  • Unconventional energy and heating sources in ventilation, air-conditioning and heating systems
  • Heat-insulation and energy certification of buildings

Apart from VBW Engineering lecture, participants had an opportunity to listen to doctor, engineer Maciej Buzek's report. Maciej Buzek is an Juror expert KIG nr 0033 auditor legated by Global Bank. We would like to remind that Maciej Buzek's lectures were also a part of all-Polish cycle of scientific symposiums organized by VBW Engineering.

As a result of Gdańsk Polytechnic and VBW Engineering Research and Development Department cooperation, a prototype of very modern air-conditioning central has been created. It is still being improved and prepared to certificate tests and later, official premiere on the market. A distinguished scientist from Gdańsk Polytechnic - doctor,  engineer Marek Jaskólski had a great contribution to this project. His lecture "Psychometry analysis of constructional solutions in modern air-conditioning centrals" also lend this years conference and became a theme to many discussions among participants.