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Łódź Division of Polish Association of Sanitary Engineers and Technicians and VBW Engineering - exchange of experience in the use of SFP factor in systems with VBW Engineering units.

26.05.2009 in Tech House in Łódź a meeting of experts from HVAC industry took place. It was co organized by Polish Association of Sanitary Engineers and Technicians, and our company VBW Engineering. The meeting was opened by Bronisław Hillebrand the President of Łódź PZITS (PASET). The subject of the deliberation was our environmental and economic solutions and their application in air conditioning systems of various types of rooms. The meeting brought together experts from a broad group of air-conditioning industry, who wanted to learn about technology solutions in accordance with the SFP factor standard based on the example of structures  with already operating VBW equipment. The task for air-conditioning units produced by VBW Engineering, is not only to provide the best climate for people working in a particular room, but also to work in line with European environmental standards. Another point of the symposium was to introduce to our guests our solutions of high economic exploitation of produced air-conditioning units. Through this meeting we were able to reply to our guests questions, to present certificates attesting high quality of our products and also to show closely operation of our air-condition unit equipped with  heat pump. Thanks to close cooperation with the Polish Association of Engineers and Sanitary Technicians, we should soon be able to meet with you again on the meetings concerning our industry,  in many cities in Poland.