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Presentation of the new product VBW Engineering

SPS-DUO - ia a suspended air-conditioning unit of the highest in the industry heat recovery - up to 82%, implemented by a system of two rotary exchangers.
Series SPS-DUO consist of two volumes: SPS-DUO vol.1 - expense 700-2400 m3/h SPS-DUO vol.2 - expense 2400-4500 m3/h. Used rotors are driven by a common low speed motor drive belt. It is devoid of a mechanical gearbox, which allows to reduce the amount of electricity needed. In the unit of length 1880 mm rotary exchanger set is less than 300 mm. For comparison the length of the appropriate (for this size) cross-exchanger is much higher (up to 1050 mm), while it did not ensure the recovery temperature at such high level. Application of heat exchangers is, , in addition to economic savings, a significant reduction of the space occupied by the device. Axial - centrifugal fans with direct drive, provide adequate air flow expenditure. Case construction allows for expansion of the device by adding further units, such as the water/freon cooler and/or damping section. SPS-DUO is typically adapted to suspension but it is possible to put it on legs, than device control is on the top. Standard units are equipped with multi-leaf dampers and flexible connections that facilitate installation on the unit. Location of flexible connections as high as the edge of the device, facilitates routing of channels.
SPS-DUO units can be supplied with a complete automation system.