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VBW Engineering on The Forbes Diamonds 2009 list

We are pleased to inform that our company VBW Engineering is among the prestige cycle of Forbes Diamonds 2009 - companies which, during the last few years, dynamically increased their business value.
The ranking was prepared in association with Dun & Bradstreer Poland. The list of Forbes Diamonds was completed based on Switzerland method of company's value evaluation which consider financial results and value of the assets. Information about company's sales level, net income, value of fixed assets, stock level, outstandings and investment outlays were ipmortant for company's evaluation. Forbes Diamonds list promote companies that have dynamic growth, highest income and that invest in capital assets, such as production lines and properties. Dun & Bradstreer Poland collected information about all business entities which submitted their reports to national Coutrt Register.
We hope that our company's development will be also prized in the future.