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International Trainings in VBW Engineering

VBW Engineering air-conditioning devices are highly recommended both in Poland and  abroad. The newest technologies used during the production process  arouse interest  and are popular subject of many symposiums  and trainings organized by our company. Last symposium organized for specialists from air-conditioning branch in Belorussia, took place from 1st  to 4th  September 2008. Another large group of guests who wanted to learn about VBW Engineering's production arcane, visited our company. The presentation of our products and technological achievements was introduced by sightseeing our production line, learning about quality control and final stage of devices forwarding. Our guests had a chance to visit Pomeranian buildings where VBW Engineering's air-conditioning systems are installed. This of course is not the end of our trainings and we will keep you informed about VBW Engineering new events on our website.