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Gazele Biznesu title for VBW Engineering

With a great pleasure we would like to inform that our company VBW Engineering was rewarded with Gazele Biznesu title. This very important for us distinction is an honor of our resilient business activity and extremely dynamic development of our company structure.
Gazele Biznesu list is already a well known and reliable brand in polish firms community. It is the only ranking taking into consideration not only the last year of company's activity but also investigating company's development dynamics and rewarding its fast and stable development during 3 successive years.
The contest main idea is a promotion of rapidly developing small and medium enterprises. Why small and medium ones? Because they have the most serious share in gross domestic product creation in contrast to big companies which usually derive from economic and political history and are able to quickly and easily adjust to changing conditions due to their 'size'.  Hence the contest name - gazelles are alert and agile, they must quickly react to coming threat.

Coface Poland Business Intelligence Agency is the contest's partner - it is responsible for verification of applying companies financial data. The Agency also checks whether the company is not in arrears to contractors, employees, ZUS and Revenue Office.