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VBW Engineering International Symposium in Sea Towers

VBW Engineering's latest production technologies arouse great interest. They are also the subject of symposia and special training organized by our company. On 07-09.04.2010 our company was visited by specialists from air-conditioning industry in Belarus. Opening of this year's training seminar was organized in one of the facilities where a comfortable atmosphere is ensured by units produced by VBW Engineering.

Presentation of the company's current activities and a wide range of products took place at the top of the highest building in Gdynia - Sea Towers luxury apartment house. In the colossus towering above the city there are not only modern apartments, but also office space. A Sea Tower's Conference and Restaurant Room is a perfect place for business meetings, conferences and other events for visitors and residents. The comfortable atmosphere of the "heart of the building" is ensured by BO Compact Units produced by VBW Engineering with the latest automation control systems.

Sea Towers building was designed in Andrew Kapuścik's architectural studio in Vienna. Invest Komfort SA was an investor. Sea Towers is located in the so-called Prestige Zone in Gdynia near Kościuszko Square. It's only 12 meters away from the cost line - this area is called The President's Quay. It should be also noted that before 1930, the land on which this great building is standing now, was under the waters of the Gulf of Gdansk, therefore, the implementation of such a venture required from the constructors to use the latest technical solutions. Sea Towers is currently the highest building devoted to residential use in Poland.