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SPS-DUO suspended air-handling units

Air-handling suspended units SPS-DUO. The series consists of two devices with nominal expenditure 2200 m3/h (SPS-DUO size 1) and 3600 m3/h (SPS-DUO size 2). Heat recovery is achieved by a complex consisting of two rotary exchangers ensuring the efficiency of temperature up to 82%. Presented devices are frameless structures with panels of thickness 50 mm, providing adequate thermal and sound insulation. Innovative design and application of rotary exchangers allowed us to significantly shorten the length of the unit to 1880 mm. The relevant expenditures are delivered by axially radial fans with direct drive.

Design engineersof VBW Engineering company arenot only introducing new technologies and products, but also constantly improving earlier projects. In a result of these works suspended air-handling unit SPS-DUO, which already has a recognition of experts, was additionally equipped in system of slidable shields. This solution is a very important simplification of air-handling unit usage and it also increases user safety. These innovations are ones among many technical solutions applied in this product, which is whole based on the newest technologies and unique technical solutions.



Air-handling suspended units SPS-DUO 2
Air-handling suspended units SPS-DUO 1 equipped in system of slidable shields