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Visit of Captain Puchalski on Miranda yacht in 2005

Our Company is taking care of the antique yacht Miranda, maintaining its unique character, which determines part of the history of polish sailing. On September 22nd, 2005 we celebrated 25th anniversary of completion of solitary cruise around the world accomplished by captain Zbigniew Puchalski. Expedition, full of dangers, obstacles, but also full of happy events, created a great moment in history of our city- Gdynia. On this occasion, captain Zbigniew Puchalski, currently living in Australia has visited our city. Among many invited guests, we were also honoured with presence of representatives of city authorities  Jolanta Zielińska, director of City of Gdynia Museum Dagmara Płaza-Opacka and many representatives of sailing environment. Captain Puchalski agreed to tell us a story of his great achievement and while recalling course of the cruise, showed us, what a man can achieve with great will-power and clearly set life goals. Most of all we understood that with accompaniment of strong will-power and uncompromising, we all can make our dreams come true, even those that seem to be completely unreachable. Until the yacht will not be moved to special place that is being prepared for it in the City Museum of Gdynia, until then our company will do everything to maintain it in its great condition.



Full of emotions come back to Miranda