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Races of Miranda


1971- Atlantic practice cruise from Crosshaven in Ireland to Azores Islands, back to Plymouth, England and further sailing through English Channel, North Sea, Kiel Canal, Baltic Sea to Gdynia. Cruise was 98 days long, distance 3650 NM, including over 2000 NM on Atlantic Ocean, 35 days of solitary sailing, 19 ports visited.


1972- Transatlantic Regattas OSTAR-72 Plymouth, England- Newport, RI, USA, distance 3670 NM in 45 days.


1976- Transatlantic Regattas OSTAR-76 Plymouth, England- Newport, RI, USA, distance 3384 NM (including Antwerp-Plymouth route, cruise continuation with intention to sail around the world in East- West direction).


Cruise route: Plymouth- UK, Neport, RI-USA, Bermudas, Islands of Caribbean Sea, Panama Canal, Galapagos Islands, Marquesas Islands, Tahiti, Niue Island, Fiji, New Caledonia, Sydney Australia, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Australia (Cape Darwin), Mauritius, Reunion, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town - South Africa, Saint Helena Island, Azores Island, English Channel, North Sea, Skagerrak and Kattegar Straits, Copenhagen and back to Baltic Sea. Cruise ended in Gdynia on September 6th, 1980, total distance 40,000 NM. Immediately after completion of cruise, yacht MIRANDA has been carefully inspected by PRS and received decision of 'UNLLIMITED' Sailing Abilities, until next inspection.







1980- after completion of "Around the World" cruise, in late fall, yacht MIRANDA is settled in JKM "Gryf".
1996- this is after 16 years of inactivity  in JKM "GRYF", Management of Central Sea Museum in Gdańsk, was not interested in acquirement of the yacht along with its equipment.
1997-2002 search for an sponsor and patron of MIRANDA. Former commander of JKM "GRYF"- Jerzy Abacjew successfully acquired yacht for Sea Museum of Gdynia. However, because Museum is not able to secure adequate localization (until end of construction of new building of museum)- temporary guardian of yacht MIRANDA became producer of air-conditioning devices- VBW Engineering.
Yacht MIRANDA has been transported to VBW Engineering territories in Gdynia at Chwaszczyńska Street and displayed after pedantic restoration.
MIRANDA has been saved from the roughest storm.
On July 19th, 2002 VBW Engineering signed an agreement with Museum of Gdynia about preservation and care of yacht MIRANDA until the day of opening new functional building of museum, where yacht MIRANDA will be part of permanent exhibition.
".I don't know, what to say in such distinct moment, which not only is a meaningful and symbolic card of history of City of Gdynia, but also big part of my life associated with sea and people of sea."