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Cause Related Marketing

VBW Engineering is a community conscious/sensitive firm and that is why we are involved in activities that have an influence on quality of life of Gdynia's community, concentrated on development and support of children and teenagers with athletic talents.


For years we are actively promoting CAUSE-RELATED MARKETING, which links interests of our company with situation of local community. It is also kind of advertisement, however instead of typical forms like billboards, banners, TV ads, portion of our marketing budget is spent on promotion of community activities in Gdynia and surroundings, bringing profit for everybody.


Under our patronage and guardianship currently are:

  1. Youth Basketball Club GTK Gdynia
  2. Historical yacht "Miranda"
  3. Gdynia Festival of Sports Graphics - Sport In Graphics
  4. Yacht Club of Poland

Of course, we realize that there are numerous activities and organizations important for our community that needs support of local entrepreneurships. Alone we are not able to help all of them and that is why we hope that our past activities and involvement via CAUSE-RELATED MARKETING will be an invitation for others to join us in similar functions.

 The idea behind the festival is to popularise various sports disciplines and their graphical representations in many graphical forms, through demonstrating the best works in the field. The concept is to make The Gdynia Festival the first event to inaugurate a series of exhibitions concerning sports issues.  The event is organized under the patronage of the President of City of Gdynia and Polish Basketball Club PZKOSZ - organizer of basketball sport events and major booster of male and female basketball.  City of Gdynia is known as the organizer of many prestige cultural (en. "Poetical fishing" Review or "Gdynia's Literary Award") and sport events (en. Gdynia Sailing Days, Cutty Sark Tall Ship Race, Lotos PKO BP Club Tournaments, Baltical International Judo Tounament etc.)  Gdynia Sports of Graphics Festival's professionalism is guaranteed by such public figures as Prof. Janusz Akermann (Deputy Dean of Graphics Faculty on Academy of Arts in Gdańsk) and Prof. Bogumiła Pręgowska (Art Department on University of Mikołaj Kopernik in Toruń).  Gdynia Festival of Sports Graphics - SPORT IN GRAPHICS - GDYNIA 2009 organizer is Basketball Investments SSA - club that is running female basketball team Lotos Gdynia.



 VBW Engineering puts a great stress on the development of sport, a healthy lifestyle and for many years it has been supporting the Pomeranian youths to deal with sport.



Yacht MIRANDA has been transported to VBW Engineering territories in Gdynia at Chwaszczyńska Street and displayed after pedantic restoration. On July 19th, 2002 VBW Engineering signed an agreement with Museum of Gdynia about preservation and care of yacht MIRANDA until the day of opening new functional building of museum, where yacht MIRANDA will be part of permanent exhibition.




 Yacht Club of Poland.