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Cause Related Marketing

VBW Engineering is a community conscious/sensitive firm and that is why we are involved in activities that have an influence on quality of life of Gdynia's community, concentrated on development and support of children and teenagers with athletic talents.


For years we are actively promoting CAUSE-RELATED MARKETING, which links interests of our company with situation of local community. It is also kind of advertisement, however instead of typical forms like billboards, banners, TV ads, portion of our marketing budget is spent on promotion of community activities in Gdynia and surroundings, bringing profit for everybody.


Under our patronage and guardianship currently are:

  1. Youth Basketball Club GTK Gdynia
  2. Historical yacht "Miranda"
  3. Gdynia Festival of Sports Graphics - Sport In Graphics
  4. Yacht Club of Poland

Of course, we realize that there are numerous activities and organizations important for our community that needs support of local entrepreneurships. Alone we are not able to help all of them and that is why we hope that our past activities and involvement via CAUSE-RELATED MARKETING will be an invitation for others to join us in similar functions.