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Information about company

   VBW Engineering has been active  in the field of air-conditioning for many years. It is a manufacturer of appliances for customised air-conditioning and ventilation of rooms. The company invests into modernity, reliability, inventive ideas, flexibility of production and economic solutions. The products of VBW Engineering have been operating in office blocks, hotels, hospitals, sports objects, banks, production halls, power generating plants, mines, supermarkets, cinema complexes, laboratories, public and private swimming pools, creating optimal microclimate everywhere.
   The main goal of the activities of VBW Engineering and its representatives in Poland and abroad is to manufacture PRODUCTS that strictly match the expectations, requirements and needs of the user. We have been constantly cooperating with research and scientific centres.  This allows us to present the market with specialist solutions, competitive in ideas and quality while applying economical criteria.


81-571 Gdynia, ul. Chwaszczyńska 133 D

Other information about our company:

KRS 0000179959 Sąd Rejonowy Gdańsk - Północ
w Gdańsku VIII Wydz. Gosp. Krajowego
Rejestru Sądowego REGON 472201129
NIP 725 17 40 637