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Gdynia Sport Partner 2009

On January 11, 2009, the Musical Theatre in Gdynia was the venue for a great Gala of Gdynia Sport and there, President of Gdynia, Mr Wojciech Szczurek, handed the awards for exquisite achievements in amateur and professional sport activity as well as for the activities promoting the development of physical culture and the promotion of Gdynia through sport in 2009.

For many years, our company, VBW Engineering has been promoting the development of Polish sport therefore helping in the education of the Pomeranian youths to master their talents in various sport disciplines. The endeavours of VBW and other companies of Tri-City have been bringing tangible results in the form of awards won by the young people of Gdynia and in the form of recognition by all Polish sports circles of their achievements.

It is an exceptional pleasure for us to be among the grand company of private individuals and companies whose activities have been shaping the dynamically developing environment of Gdynia sportsmen.