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Leader of Export 2004

VBW Engineering sp. z o.o. has been announced Leader of Export 2004 in Debut in Export category in Pomeranian edition of national ranking of "Leaders of Export". Prestige of this distinction is evidenced in aim of  creators of this ranking, trying to associate Poland only with good and brand product. Under honoured patronage of head of Pomeranian Province and Pomeranian Province Marshal polish firms have been awarded in different categories, that according to Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Economy are open to changes and are capable of adjusting their offer to changing demand. Additionally, have international certificates, achieve high levels of effectiveness, sales dynamics, and their products characterize with high innovativeness. VBW Engineering became visible exporter of air- handling and ventilating units to countries of eastern and western Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Netherlands, Iceland, and also Germany, where very strong and competitive market of this type of manufacturers already exists. One of the latest realisations with central units produced by our company is entertainment centre in Berlin, where we installed swimming pool central units OKEANOS and also sectional central units BS. lider_eksportu_dyplom_maly
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