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Gazelle of Business 2007

We are extremely happy to inform you that VBW Engineering has been awarded with Gazelle of Business title. This very important distinction for us honours our resilient activity on the market and extremely dynamic development of entire structure of our enterprise. Gazelle of Business list is a well known and reliable brand in community of polish firms. It is the only ranking, that include not only last years business activity, but also investigates dynamics of firm development and supports its quick and stable development on the scope of following three years. Main idea of this competition is promotion of rapidly developing small and  midsize firms. Why small and midsize enterprises? Because they make the most serious contribution in creation of Gross Domestic Product, and in contrary from big enterprises that often derive from economic and political history, quickly and easily are able to adjust to changing conditions of the market, because of their 'size'. That is also where the name of the contest came from- gazelles are vigilant and agile, they have to quickly react when danger is coming. Coface Poland, economic investigator, partner of this contest, responsible for verification of financial data judged enterprises. They also verify if the particular company is not behind with payments to its contractors, employees, Social Insurance Institute and tax authorities. gazele_dyplom_big
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