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New Line of VBW Engineering HVAC Units – BS/BD COMPACT R



VBW Engineering is launching a new line of compact HVAC units designated BS/BD COMPACT R with rotary heat exchangers. The HVAC units are designed to provide full functionality with smaller overall dimensions. The series of the BS/BD COMPACT R standalone HVAC units comprises 5 unit sizes rated from 700 to 9500m3/h. The parameters of each HVAC can be customized on request. The HVAC find applications and provide comfort with optimum air change rates in and to commercial areas, including shop floors, restaurants, gyms, or conference rooms.

Key features of the new product line:

  • Output from 700 to 9500 m³/h
  • 5 size options
  • Compact dimensions
  • High energy recovery efficiency
  • Plug&Play as standard (factory pre-wiring)
  • State-of-the-art automatic control system
  • Energy-efficient, low-noise EC motors in class IE4
  • PTC/water heater

Energy recovery

The new line of BS/BD COMPACT – R HVAC units was developed with many years of experience and know-how to provide each user with superior standards and for conformity with all requirements applicable to HVAC manufacturers, which is why the products from VBW Engineering meet EcoDesign 2018. The BS/BD COMPACT – R HVAC units are provided with rotary heat exchangers rated at up to 81% of energy recovery efficiency.

The design of a BS/BD COMPACT R HVAC unit features a stepper motor-driven rotor for high rpm control accuracy and increased efficiency of the rotary HX with the device reliability retained.

The BS/BD COMPACT – R line can feature an electric heater or a hot water coil integrated inside of the HVAC unit enclosure. This helps adapt the HVAC unit’s functionality to the served rooms and keeps it dimensions compact. A great advantage is the application of a modern, safe, automatically controlled electric heater with PTC heating elements which helps to maintain the heat sink temperatures significantly lower than usual with the risk of system overheating eliminated, plus a large heat exchange surface.

High performance fans

The BS/BD COMPACT  R HVAC units have fan units powered with high-performance EC motors, ensuring the highest efficiency across the performance curve.

The key benefits of EC motors include:

  • Easy controllability
  • High electrical-to-mechanical energy conversion efficiency 
  • High (and virtually unchanged) rpm control efficiency
  • Compact installation dimensions
  • Low-noise operation


Cartridge filters

The HVAC units feature cartridge filters in class M5 (ISO ePM 10-50%)

and F7 (ISOePM1>70%) both for fresh and extracted air. The control system monitors the filter contamination level.

Hinges and handles

The service access doors are provided with double, flexible hinges which serve as an operating handle. This dual function makes the service access door left- or right-handed. Where access clearance is limited, the feature helps with removal of the whole door leaf. The solution like this in the HVAC unit structure makes servicing and cleaning easier.

Plug & Play with integrated automatic controls

The BS/BD COMPACT R HVAC units are delivered pre-wired and with the automatic control system installed and pre-configured.

The state-of-the-art automatic controls manage the unit’s operating time, air fans, rotary heat exchanger, and air flow and temperature settings. The control system is preprogrammed to operate all functions supported by the HVAC. The control panel installed on the service access door is used to input function settings and read the individual operating parameters in plain text, in the user-specified language. The factory installation of the control system guarantees reliable performance of our interfaced electronic and mechanical components.

Certified quality

The new line of BS/BD COMPACT R HVAC units meets the highest standards of quality and safety, which is proven by certificates from third-party inspection authorities. The VBW Engineering HVAC units are certified by TÜV Rheinland as a proof of air handling unit design compliance to DIN 1946-4:2008 and have an Eurovent certificate, specifying and confirming the performance of air conditioning and cooling equipment in conformity with European and international standards.