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VBW Engineering introduces a new type of air handling units - SPS-COMPACT

We present the new product of the company - suspended air-handling unit in the compact version SPS-COMPACT. Its special features make it perfect for residential buildings, office rooms, schools, kindergartens, gyms, restaurants or as an optional design for swimming pool rooms and healthcare facilities. This type of air-handling unit is characterized by high energy efficiency with a wide range of air flow (300 m3/h ÷ 4500 m3/h), providing a recovery coefficient of up to 93%. This air-handling unit has compact dimensions and a self-supported construction with 30 mm insulation (optionally 50 mm), which allows it to be mounted in places that were previously not available for the installation of ventilation equipment.

SPS-COMPACT is equipped with a built-in water or electric heater. Thanks to this, the air-handling unit maintains the required air parameters in the room, while maintaining compact dimensions. An undoubted advantage is the use of a modern and safe self-regulating PTC electric heater, which helps to maintain a much lower temperature of the radiator, completely eliminating the risk of overheating of the system and obtaining a large heat transfer surface. Safe transportation and the possibility of replacing the water heater heat exchanger from below are possible thanks to the use of connecting pipes that do not protrude beyond the dimensions of the housing.

The basic equipment of the SPS-COMPACT includes the implementation of the factory wiring of electrical wiring and configuration according Plug & Play technology. The panel filters used in this type of installation, with their compact dimensions, allow to achieve high-performance filtration of high-class air.

The SPS-COMPACT design provides the possibility of expanding the installation capabilities with additional functions such as dehumidification, humidification, additional filters and, like all VBW Engineering units, adapts to the needs and expectations of our customers, including the possibility of painting the air-handling units in different colors according to the RAL palette.


sps compact.jpg