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VBW Engineering patron of the 20th NAVIGA Radio Sailing World Championships

On June 15-27 this year on the Durowski Lake in the village of Wągrowiec (Poland), the 20th NAVIGA Radio Sailing World Championships took place. Our company has been a patron of the event. We are also very pleased that Jan Springer, a representative from our company, defended the title of two-time world champion, won two years ago. 71 participants from twelve countries, ie Poland, China, Germany, Austria, France, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Belarus participated in the championship of radio-controlled yachts. Our representative competed in two classes F5-E and F5-M. Class F5-E is the smallest class of yachts up to one meter in length, the yachts are made of fiberglass, while сlass F5-M - larger yachts with a maximum hull length of up to 1290 mm, with great potential and made of carbon fiber and Kevlar.

Congratulations to the champion with a victory and wish them further success in the field of sailing.